Letter (or poem, or story) to 2114

The Tree Whisperer’s Tale
It was 5am on my 25th birthday, and the storm wind was so high, I couldn’t sleep. No-one could sleep. The trees, in particular, were alive with the excitement of it all. There was so much energy there, so much power in every shake of the leaves. And that’s when I had the idea. Forget wind turbines. If we could get the trees to work with us, there’d be energy for everyone, maybe for a hundred years. But first, you need to negotiate with the tree.

What are you going to tell the future?
What you plan, hope or dream. In nutshell.

Imagine that you are talking to someone who is as close
and distant to you as one of the people from a hundred years ago. Tell them your concerns and challenges, and exactly what you propose to do about them.
That’s the mission. Over to you. Get your thinking cap on: the closing date is 2nd December 2014.

What form should it take and how long should it be?
Your letter can take one of three forms:
* A straight letter where you outline a particular concern and how you plan to tackle that in the future. It can be as personal or as theoretical as you like.
* A short story, which is a fictional take on your core issue.
* A poem, with the same brief as the prose, but poetry!

No idea is to small or too big. A story or poem about discovering a new fuel, a way to bottle laughter, dissolving the plastic vortexes in the oceans, or evolving a gentle way to teach the illiterate to read… any of the above and more could be what ignites you.
But it could be also something entirely different… just remember that you can only include one plan, hope or dream in your letter, and it needs to be specific.

1200 to 1500 words of prose,
or up to 50 lines of poetry
— your choice!